About Timmys Tailor

If you looking for a professional experienced bespoke tailor in Koh Samui that can provide you with quality tailored clothing for both men and women then “Timmy’s Masschneider Tailor” welcomes you to their store.

Founded by Mr. Timmy in 1984 initially in Pattaya, he relocated to Koh Samui in 1992 and ever since then his store has been doing a great job in serving visitors to this island for their clothing requirements.

Years of work experience in tailoring and garments industry in South East Asia has led him to the best suppliers of quality fabrics through which he stocks his store. These fabrics in the store are of high quality in a big range of colors and textures which are updated very often to keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

Mr. Timmy and his family members have been working with a team of enthusiastic local tailors since years who have a good understanding for custom made needs of various individuals. The team consist of highly motivated workers and do their best to provide garments in quick time limits. We however prefer if the customers have time for a few fittings.

At our store its simple to order clothes. Just walk in and one of our representatives will attend to you and discuss about your clothing requirements. We will then direct you to a range of fabrics that suits your needs and international catalogues for some style ideas. You can also let us know if you already know what you want or have some styles to discuss.

Once you select your style and fabrics we measure you up collect a small deposit and fix up an appointment for fittings at our store or in exception cases at your hotel/resort. Once your clothes are completed and ready to be delivered we can drop it at your hotel/resorts if needed.

Remember we treat every customer with their personal requirements for custom made cloths unlike in big store where they just ask you your clothes size.

Mr Timmy welcomes you all to the store with no obligations to buy right away. Come have a look at what we offer if you are happy with the price and fabrics you can order and we will do our best to provide you with good custom made clothes that were made with intention to fit your body shape.

We are highly recommend on TripAdvisor forum from many customers who have been to our store and made clothes from us.

Timmy's Tailor
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