Weddings are special occasions in every persons life. These days Samui is experiencing a boom in weddings with people from all around the world celebration this special occasion in the Tropics with family and friends.

At “Timmys Masschneider Tailors” we are often accept orders from wedding groups who want to get tailor made clothes for this special occasion. The most popular demand is for tuxedos, dinner suits and jackets besides an occasion simple wedding dress. The prices for these custom made tailor made clothes are very reasonable at our store and they are made to order to fit the clients. We are used to dealing with big groups and suits, tuxedos, jackets, vest, shirts can be made after a few fitting in as less as in 2-3 days.

We also deliver the finished products to your store if required.

Caution: Wedding dresses need more time, fittings and special material and we do not accept orders if they are too complicated. You must send us in advance your requirement with details such as photo and material and we will reply back if it is possible to make it.

Dresses need more time however if its not to complicated we can make your a tailor made product. Please send us a email in advance about your requirements.

In case if you are interested in ordering clothes for a wedding that you will be celebrating back home, we are open to making clothes for your group if you have the sizes available. Like always we try to give you the best prices in our store.

You can select from a range of material such as silks, linen, wool and other blends that suit the special occasion.

Wedding on the beach
Wedding Suits and Dresses